5 drivers and innovative ideas to help you achieve your goals

Our vision

Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable online growth. This starts with understanding your goals – making them clear and concrete for all concerned.

We believe data to be the essential ingredient for every successful marketing campaign – collecting, analysing and using it intelligently. The online world is constantly changing, and so are we. We stay abreast of the latest developments and test them before using them on your behalf. Services include strategy, online marketing campaigns, SEO, SEA, social advertising, web analytics and conversion optimization. Whatever your online marketing challenge may be, we've got the specialists in house to find you the solution you’re looking for.


Our philosphy

Each and every day, we work with passion and dedication to optimize our clients and their customers' online marketing campaigns. We're continuously analysing the correlation between digital analyticsuser experience and traffic optimization. And we do so with the conviction that data doesn't lie.
Armed with reliable data and knowledge, we'll build you a solid foundation for further improvement. What's more, we monitor and analyse these changes with a constant focus on results – your results. And it works!

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Our mission

At Netprofiler, we dedicate ourselves to accelerating our clients' online growth – day in, day out. By developing smart online marketing strategies and pushing technological boundaries, we help our clients change their consumers' behaviour. Together we bring ideas to life – from strategy to operation. What's more, you'll have your own dedicated team of specialists to help you achieve your goals. Consider our expertise across every online marketing discipline as an extension of your own online marketing department – whether you're a large corporation, an ambitious SME, an e-commerce business or a non-profit organization.

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Our strategy

How can you improve your online marketing activities using data? How can you capitalize on new market developments? Each and every day, we're looking for ways to reinvent 'digital'. But to make a real impact with your online marketing campaign, we believe data to be the all important ingredient. Our approach centres on five online growth drivers – traffic, conversion, transaction value, retention and virality. Combining these drivers results in exponential online growth.


Our clients' growth always takes centre stage. And to achieve this, we developed our five driver growth model. In essence, it's a robust, tried and tested framework that we use to reduce complexity and pinpoint the essence within a huge volume of data. This is the basis of our work and the foundation for growth. The better each driver works, the greater your growth. What's more, we have in house experts who specialize in each of our five drivers.

Driver 1 | Acquisition
Online acquisition is an important cornerstone for growth, but having the courage to make choices is equally critical. We're constantly determining what it is you need to be monitoring and measuring. But we also help you analyze this and set up experiments to determine – quickly and simply – what works and what doesn't.

Driver 2 | Conversion
One of the best ways to achieve growth is to improve your conversion rate. We'll scrutinize your sales funnel – extracting and using relevant data to pinpoint bottlenecks – and then come up with practical solutions.

Driver 3 | Transaction value
We'll analyze your transaction value and work out how to boost this, using tactics such as cross selling and up selling, as well as by optimizing your pricing and determining price elasticity in relation to conversion.

Driver 4 | Retention
It's the goal of virtually every website to have customers come back again and again to make repeat purchases. In practice, there are several techniques and methods available to achieve this. The best approach depends largely on you and your goals. The focus often involves pinpointing any bottlenecks in relation to customer loyalty and eliminating these by means of experimentation. Only once we've done this is growth then possible.

Driver 5 | Virality
Attracting new visitors costs money. Lots of money! Get visitors and customers to refer their friends, family and acquaintances, but make it easy for them to do so. There are countless monitoring methods and optimization opportunities for increasing virality. The resulting impact on growth can be huge.

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