Digital Analytics Tools

Improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts by using the right tools.

Digital Analytics Tools

We support you with selecting and operating the correct tool for your organization and its targets

By using digital analytics you can measure, gain insights and optimize the performances within your digital environment. There are several analytics tools you can choose from. In order for you to select the right tool, it’s important to decide what you want to measure, report or optimize. What is the goal for your website? Do you want to determine the amount of visitors on your digital environment? Do you want to optimize the user experience? Do you want to increase the conversion?

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We offer help with selecting the right digital analytics tool.

There are various digital analytics tools available which can aid you in:

We are a certified partner of all the authoritative digital analytics tools. Therefore we can help you choose the tool which suits the needs and wants of your company best. We also provide in:

Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps you map the quantity and quality of a visit to your digital environment. This allows you to gain insight into:

We advise you on selecting the right tool in order for you to meet your target. We are a certified partner of:

Support with tag management

Using a Tag Management System allows you to manage all your tags in a clear interface. This allows you to quickly add, delete or adjust tags. You have the control over your tags and are less dependent on possible third parties. By using a tag management system you are able to use existing (third party) tags, but it also prepares you for future, not yet existing, tags.
We offer support for the most prominent tag management tools:

Support with reporting-tools.

Reporting-tools allow you to improve the way you map the results of your digital efforts. By using reporting-tools you can:

With our knowledge and experience we can advise you on which reporting-tool suits you best. We also offer support at every phase of the process. We are partnered with the suppliers of the most authoritative reporting-tools available:

Support with personalization tools

Personalization tools are used to adjust your communication to a certain user or group of users. Based on, among other things, historic data you can make the communication more personal and relevant to the visitor. This qualitative and valuable data can significantly contribute to raising your conversion.

We use the follow personalization tools:


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