Google Analytics tool

We help you with the most optimal implementation of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics tool

The data you gain from Google Analytics helps you to improve your website and online campaigns.

The optimal implementation of Google Analytics also leads to the best results. The reliability of the data you get from using Google Analytics is directly linked to how well the tool is implemented. By setting-up targets, using e-commerce tracking and using profiles and filters, you gain more from the web statistics package.

Our experience with Google Analytics:

Because Google Analytics is the main source of web statistics for many websites, you want to make sure that the data you gain is reliable. Netprofiler supports companies with implementing and setting-up Google (Universal) Analytics to ensure that the data will actually help you measure and improve your online activities.

In order for you to gain actionable insights from your data we help you analyze the results. Which online campaigns work and which don’t? What elements are worth investing more in? How are visitors behaving on your website? How can you improve the percentage of conversion? An in-depth web statistics analysis gives you recommendations that help you improve your website and online campaign.

Are you ready to get working with Google Analytics? We offer customized Google Analytics training sessions which are fully tailored toward your situation and level of knowledge. During the training session you will learn all there is to know about setting targets and filters, but also on using advanced segments and on interpreting the data from the reports.

Netprofiler was the first Google Analytics Certified partner in the Netherlands and this has allowed our consultants to build up over 10 years of experience with Google Analytics.  Due to our collaboration with Google and several other organizations in a wide variety of industries, we can offer our customers the best advice based on their situation and sector.

Aside from being a Google Analytics Certified partner, Netprofiler is also one of the few Analytics Premium resellers in the Netherlands. Google Analytics Premium is the paid version of Google Analytics. This version is meant for those who feel limited by the free version.


Would you like to know more about Google Analytics or the support we offer? Then contact our web analytics team or gives us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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