A professional web statistics package as an alternative to Google Analytics.


Piwik is a free and open source web statistics package and a good alternative to Google Analytics. Using Piwik will allow you to remain the owner of all web statistics data, as all data is stored on its own infrastructure.

Piwik offers you the opportunity to run the application on your own - or hosting server. This allows you to have full control over the processing and storing of the web statistics data. This a big advantage for companies who highly value data security, such as financial and (semi) governmental institutions.

Some advantages of Piwik:

Our experiences with Piwik

We have experience with setting up Piwik at several companies. That’s one of the reason we see Piwik as a good alternative to Google Analytics, especially for companies who highly value data-security. We help you with the implementation, configuration, reporting and analyzing. We also provide technical – and user training for the Piwik tool.


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