Webtrekk Tool

Integration of in-depth analytics combined with powerful and fully automated marketing tools.

Webtrekk Tool

Webtrekk gives you access to an infinitive amount of filters and analysis functions. On top of that the tool also has a build-in tag management function, an A/B- test tool and a module which helps you gain insight into the customer journey.

By using Webtrekk you no longer need a large variety of marketing tools. All you need is the multifunctional Webtrekk tool. It uses raw data which you can use to optimize and improve your marketing campaigns. This will also ensure you will no longer have issues with invalid data sampling when conducting data analytics. This raw data is also used to compile extensive reports and fully customizable dashboards. Aside from that the click path function allows you to easily and visually map your analyses and processes. The aforementioned extra functionality  help analyze the behavior of your website visitors by means of an overlay and a heat map.

Advantages of using Webtrekk


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