Analytics implementation

Are you looking for someone to help you with your analytics implementation or configuration?


In order to properly implement a web statistics tool a certain amount of knowledge and level of experience is required..

We help your organization gain insight into which web analytics tool is most appropriate for your website. Already chosen a tool? And are you looking for help with the implementation and configuration? We are here to help you.

Our way of working

Implementing a web statistics tool is more than just placing a tracking code. Perhaps your website is an e-commerce website which requires you to implement specific e-commerce tags. Or perhaps there are other matters you need to keep in mind when implementing the tool. This differs for each and every website. In order to ensure that the implementation is done correctly, we follow these six steps:

Support with data-interpretation and training.

After the implementation, the web statistics tool starts gathering data the moment visitors come to your website. At this stage it is of the utmost importance that you correctly interpret the data. This will give you leads that can help you improve your online marketing activities. Our web analytics consultants will gladly help you, even after the implementation, with accurately interpreting the data. We can also organize a training session at your office.


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