Tag management system

Which tag management tool is the best fit for your company?

Tag management system

By using a tag management system you can easily set-up or change your own tags.

By doing so you decide on how you want to measure your data. This means you will no longer need a web developer to do this for you! Increasingly more organizations and companies are using a tag management system. You can use a tag management system on a website but also within an application or other digital systems. We gladly support you with correctly implementing the system.

How does a tag management system work?

A tag management system requires only one tag to be placed on all pages. This tag is also known as the ‘container code’. This tag replaces all other tags you use for web analysis, conversion tracking or re-marketing. In the tag management system you can then select which tag should be used when and under which conditions.

Advantages of a tag management system

Implementation of a tag management system

Are you looking to start using a tag management system? We gladly help you by advising you on which tag management tool is best for your company. Aside from that we also take care of the implementation. During this process it is vital that the existing tags are properly copied into the new system. That’s why we compile a list of the active tags, to ensure that no tags are lost in the process. We also help you with configuring the tag management tool. It’s also possible for us to provide a training session on how to use the new system or to give you support along the way.

Our web analytics consultant are certified in the follow tag management tools:


In need of help with the implementation of your tag management system? Contact our web analytics team or give us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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