Report & analysis

How can website statistics help you improve your website and online communication?

Report & analysis

Web analysis will show you what is happening on your website and how the visitor is behaving.

An important segment of a web analysis is the analyzing, interpreting and reporting of the data. Web statistics are an important source of information which can help your organization improve its online marketing activities. By using web analysis you can monitor what is happening on your website and how your visitors are behaving.

Our experience with writing reports and analyses:

Our way of working

Our web analytics consultants help you interpret the data from the web statistics tool. This is done periodically, for example, per month or each quarter of the year. They will do this by compiling a report or by using a dashboard.

Are you looking for a more structured solution than a periodical analysis? Then an analytics consultant on location might be more interesting to you, as we also provide in temporary posting.


Interested in more information on our report and analysis possibilities? Then contact our web analytics team or give us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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