Web analytics package selection

There are many digital analytics tools available. We advise you on making the correct choice and pick the package which suits you best.

Web analytics package selection

Based on the targets you have set for your website and your information requirement we help you select a web analytics package which suits your needs the best.

Do you want to gain more and improved insights from you digital efforts? Then choosing the right analytics tools is the right step for you. We advise you on the selection of the package which suits your needs the best. This way you ensure that you get the right package which perfectly matches with your needs and wants and helps you meet your website targets.

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A web analytics tools measures the performance of your digital activities so you gain more insight into the results and information on how you can improve. Web analytics packages such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Webtrends show you:

We help you by:

Difference between web analytics packages

We help you to make the best choice from a wide variety of analytics tools and packages. Aside from the things they all have in common there are many differences.

There are free web analytics tools and packages available which require a one-time investment or subscription. The price often depends on the options and the amount of data-storage.

The way the tools import, process and report the data from (external) sources can differ. There are also discrepancies in the level of user-friendliness, such as creating your own statistics and dimensions. Besides that there are also tools which are more advanced in visualizing and analyzing (transaction) processes and the customer journey.

There are several ways in which the providers of analytics packages deal with the data. The data could, for example, be stored on domestic or international servers. This requires you to be aware of the local privacy legislation and regulations. Other tools have the option to store the data locally (on your own computers or servers).

There are big differences in the level of customer service and support. Sometimes you can only get website support in case of an emergency while others provide support by means of a call center. We offer support for all the partner tools.

How do we select the right web analytics package?

We help you with picking the web analytics package which suits your needs best. We do this by following these steps:

Together with the stakeholders we compile a list of desires, needs and wants. (online managers, operators and users)

We ask the selected vendors ( the providers of the analytics tools) to send a proposal based on the inventory, including a draft of the report.

We evaluate the RFP’s and presentations we have received from the vendors. We compile a list for you with all the similarities and differences and do a preselection.

Together with you we select one of the tools. We ask the supplier for a test period in which we extensively test the tool on its options and user-friendliness.

After having selected the web analytics tool, we take care of the implementation and installation. We also offer a training session to quickly teach those involved how to use the tool.

We have experience with almost all web analytics tools. Our experienced and qualified consultants can advise you on choosing the tool which suits your wants and needs the best. We also offer support with the implementation and installation of the tool. Whether you want to do it yourself or would rather have us take over the entire project : we are here to help!


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