Personalization training

Join one of the training sessions at Netprofiler and learn all there is to know about personalizing your website.

Personalization training

Do you want to get working on your website personalization, but only have little or no experience in this relatively new field? Netprofiler provides customized training sessions designed to increase your knowledge.

Customized personalization training sessions. Personalization is not a skill you will master in one day. It’s a process which involves several steps and disciplines and it takes time to master these. During a training session we walk you and your colleagues through the process and take the time to discuss the division of roles. The training is completely customized, depending on the organization and tool your organization is using for personalization. In case your organization is not yet using a tool, then the training will be without practical assignments on how to use the tool. We provide training sessions in our office as well as on location at your office.

What we offer

Whether you are a starting online-marketeer or a seasoned expert, we offer workshops and training for every level. This means that there is always a training session which matches your experience and needs.

We offer training sessions which perfectly match your specific needs based on your organization. We can support you with everything, from using specific tools to personalizing your website and even specific user cases you want to discuss.

We offer training sessions at any location so we can easily cater toward your organization and situation.


Would you like to know more about our training sessions on personalization? Then contact us here or give us a call on 020 – 345 94 88. We are here to help you!

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