Reporting training

Learn more about how to clearly map your digital efforts.

Reporting training

Do you want to improve the way you map your digital efforts? Then you need knowledge on a dash boarding- or reporting-tool.

We offer customized training sessions on several authoritative reporting tools. Cleary mapping results in a graph or table allows you to make complex matter more understandable. Setting up a dashboard on which data is visualized can also lead to a better overview on, for example, one or more campaigns. Because in this case, an image can say more than a thousand words.

What we offer in a reporting-tool training session:

During the training session we work with the reporting-tool you have chosen. We inform you step-by-step on the possibilities of dash boarding, get working on creating graphs and tables and set-up dashboards with digital results. Upon completing the training you will be able to clearly map your digital efforts in visually attractive reports.

The advantages of a reporting-tool training session at Netprofiler:

Certified partner

We are a certified partner of the most authoritative reporting-tools available:


Would you like more information about training sessions on reporting-tools? Then contact  the web analytics team or call us on 020 - 345 94 88.

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