Online marketing support

Online marketing support

Your organization is facing several marketing challenges. You want to accurately measure your online activities. Next to that you would also like to optimize your conversion. And you want your marketing efforts to yield the maximum results. In order to support you with these challenges, we offer our flexible online marketing support: We provide monthly support for the challenges that matter to you.

Our way of working       

When providing online marketing support we look at the bigger picture. How can you, most effectively, reach your targets? Quite often these targets are heavily intertwined. In order to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible the first thing we do is compile an online marketing plan. After having done that we agree on a set amount of hours per month which you can use for our online marketing support. During this time we will conduct every marketing activity which is, at that point, deemed necessary. In case you have little need for support during the month, your unspent hours will be transferred to the following month.

By using online marketing support you can deal with every aspect of online marketing. We continuously keep monitoring the coherence between web analytics, conversion optimization and traffic optimization.  Your advantages:


Imagine, you want to increase your turnover by generating extra traffic via Google AdWords. However, after having done an analysis and having had a look at the web statistics, it appears that there are several bottlenecks in your ordering process. With help from one of our user experience consultants we investigate what is causing these bottlenecks. By solving these issues, your conversion rises and you meet your turnover target without having to buy-in extra traffic. The investment you have just saved can then be used to invest in more relevant traffic. By doing so you will not only improve your turnover but also your profitability.

Your own team of specialists.

We make use of multidisciplinary teams which consist out of digital analytics specialists , user experience specialists, SEO/SEA specialists and social media advertising specialists. We supply you with a fixed team of specialists to aid you in continuously improving your results. Aside from that we often discuss with you so we can proactively look for more opportunities within these areas of expertise.

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