Conversion optimization

Optimize the conversion by continuously analyzing and testing your website.

Conversion optimization

Optimize the conversion on your website by analyzing and testing data. We are here to help you to put data-analysis to good use.

The conversion on your website is most effectively optimized by using relevant data. By using several different data sources, such as Google Analytics and website feedback tools ( including heat map-analysis, mouse tracking and surveys), we can determine how you can further optimize your website. We test, analyze and do research on website pages that are not performing well but are important to the funnel of your website. By doing this we can determine how we can improve these pages. Some recommendations are A/B tested, others are directly implemented.

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Our experience with conversion optimization

Optimizing your website and its conversion is an ongoing process of analysis, hypothesis, testing, evaluation and adjustments.

We are closely involved during the entire process. Once or twice a month we set an appointment with you to discuss the process and to talk about the progress, status and further planning.

By using data sources along the entire duration of the process we gain a clear insight on the effects of the adjustments.

During the process we strive to communicate openly and honest with you. Aside from that we will keep you up to date on the latest developments and results during face-to-face meetings.


Would you like to know more about optimizing your conversion by means of data analysis? Then contact the User Experience Team on 020 - 345 94 88 or by means of the contact form below.

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