Heat map analysis

Quickly map the clicking behavior of your website visitors by conducting a heat map analysis.

Heat map analysis

A heat map analysis visualizes the way website visitors are using your website. We are here to help you conduct a heat map analysis and analyze the data.

A heat map analysis is an ideal tool to map the behavior of your website visitors. By using a heat map analysis you can easily translate the data into actions and give your employees insights in the way users are behaving on your website.

What we offer

A heat map gives you insight in the way website visitors are using your website. The data is displayed visually. This allows you to quickly gain insights or to enrich an analysis. A heat map is also helpful when setting up a hypotheses for an A/B test.

A heat map shows you the behavior of your website visitors per page. You can use heat maps on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. The analysis gives you insight into:

We are an early adopter of the tool Hotjar and have a lot of experience with heat map analysis by using this tool. Our qualified consultants help you to implement and set up Hotjar. As soon as the data starts flowing in we start working on the analysis or teach you how you can use a heat map analysis in order to gain new optimization insights.


Interested in seeing what a heat map analysis can do for you? We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities. Contact us here or call us on 020-345 94 88.

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