Mouse tracking

Mouse tracking allows you to view recordings of users visiting your website.

Mouse tracking

Are you curious to see how users behave on your website? Mouse tracking allows you to record user sessions and save it as a video. We are more than willing to help you set up mouse tracking research and assist you with the data analysis.

Mouse tracking gives you insight into the behavior of visitors on your website. Our user experience consultants are trained to compile analyses based on the videos. They also assist you with compiling specific improvement advice.

What we offer you

Mouse tracking is ideal when you want to view how users are behaving on your website and when you regularly want to gain new insights. You are not going to get any closer to the actual behavior of your website visitors! When you gather the video data on a continuous basis , you have access to a good amount of qualitative data. By using mouse tracking you can focus on specific pages, for instance when a web analysis shows certain bottlenecks on your website. It is also possible to research specific types of behavior on a page. The videos will show you why people leave your website.


We have a lot of experience analyzing recordings using the tool Hotjar. Our user experience consultants can help your organization to implement and set up Hotjar. We then compile the analysis or teach you how you can use the videos to continuously gain new insights. This will help you to keep on improving your website.


Are you curious to see how you can improve your website using mouse tracking? We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Contact us here or give us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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