Usability Research

Do research on whether or not your current (mobile) website or application meets the wants and desires of your (potential) target audience.

Usability Research

Would you like to improve the user experience and conversion focus of your website? Our user experience consultants have a vast amount of experience and are ready to help you.

Usability research  gives you insight on how your target audience is behaving on your website or application, if there are any complications and what their wants and needs are. During a usability research we ask your potential target audience to evaluate your website. This is done in individual sessions. Together with you we compile a list of tasks, the respondents will then have to perform these tasks on the website. This type of testing also lends itself well for concept testing.

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Our experience with Usability Research

During usability research we capture the actions of the respondents, such as they perform them on screen and non-verbally. Aside from that we also follow their eye movement by using eyetracking technology.

Depending  on your needs and wants we combine several devices, such as desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphones, during the usability research. The customer journey of your target audience often includes all of these devices.

We conduct the usability research at our office in Amsterdam, on location or from a remote distance. This can also be done on a smaller scale, appropriate for agile testing.

We always recommend you to watch the research. Everyone is welcome, from web builder and designer to customer service employees. In our observing room you can view the research live on a big screen. You can see what the respondents are doing, you can hear what is begin said and where the respondent looks on the screen. This leads to interesting discussions and progressive insight during the research. We offer you to use our whiteboard so you can immediately start sketching new ideas . When the research is concluded we will orally inform you on the most important results of the research.

We take care of the recruitment and the compensation for the respondents. We work closely together with some of the best recruitment agencies in the Netherlands. The selection of the candidates is based upon the target audience criteria or based upon supplied customer lists.

Depending on your needs and desires we can also conduct a (online) card sorting research.


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