Agile testing

Do you want to find out if your website or application is working well? Then use agile testing and (re) test your website or application at several points in time.

Agile testing

Agile testing is perfect for small-scale tests at multiple points in time and is often used during the development of new elements on a mobile website or application.

We test your website at several points in time to get early insight on possible improvements. This way you are ensured that you have a website or application which works well. It is therefore our goal to deliver a website or application which is as user-friendly and conversion focused as possible. In addition we also keep a backlog which monitors how the agile testing is going. By doing this the research is open and transparent and it allows you to always be up to date and deliver feedback to us.

What we offer:

By testing various versions of the product at different points in time we offer you many insights on how to improve the product. This means you will see your product grow and get better over time.

The developments during the tests are monitored in a backlog which allows you to continuously keep track of what we are doing. This also allows you to provide us with feedback and ideas which we then consequently can test.

We help you with the design and implementation of the agile tests. We can do this by means of an expert review on a section of your website or application or by means of a small-scale (remote) usability research. We are also more than happy to visit your office and be part of the development team. By doing so we are committing ourselves to the process and its adjustments (in sprints).


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