Eye tracking research

Gain insight on the behavior of the visitors on your website by conducting eye tracking research.

Eye tracking research

Eye tracking can provide you with valuable information about the behavior of visitors on your website. During our usability research we always make use of eye tracking research on desktop computers. By using the advanced software by Tobbii we gain insight in the behavior of your website visitors.

Aside from conducting usability research, which includes eye tracking, we also conduct separate eye tracking research. You can use eye tracking research when you want insight on the visibility and dominance of various elements on a website. We want to find out how the visitor “reads” your website. Eye tracking research is interesting for online pages such as landing pages, campaigns and e-mailings. We have our own laboratory where we conduct several types of research.

What we offer:

Eye tracking research will give you insight on what the user is looking at before he decides to click on something. This can show the dominance of certain elements on your website.

You will receive a well-structured report at the end of the eye tracking research. This report will give you insight on which elements stand out and which do not. You will also gain insight on how the user views the website and what he or she does and does not read.

We have years of experience using eye tracking research during usability research. We have our own laboratory, with a viewing room, in which we conduct several types of research. If so desired we can also conduct the research on a different location.


Would you like to use eye tracking research for your website and target audience? We gladly walk you through the possibilities. Contact the UX team or call us on 020 - 345 94 88.

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