Remote usability research

We are here to help you conduct remote usability research. A method in which respondents carry out the research at home on their own device.

Remote usability research

Would you like to conduct a usability research but is your target audience linked to a specific location, nationally- or internationally spread, not mobile or very busy? Remote usability research provides you with the solution.

Remote usability research is a method in which respondents can conduct the research in their own home. This means that the research is not bound by location and/or time. By conducting this research you will gain insight in the behavioral patterns of your (potential) target audience on your website.

What we offer:

By conducting a remote usability research you will gain insight on the behavioral patterns of your (potential) target audience on your website.

Remote usability research gives you the opportunity to conduct small-scale research at multiple points in time. It will take participants about 20 to 30 minutes to conduct the research during which time they have to fulfill tasks or answer questions. Whilst conducting the research the respondents are thinking out loud which gives you insight in the needs and wants of your potential target audience. Aside from that we also record the on-screen actions and their non-verbal expressions.

You will receive quantitative as well as qualitative data based on the remote usability research. We will map the success of the research as well as the paths the respondents took to navigate through the website.

We conduct the remote usability research by means of leading tools such as Validately and Fibéo.


Are you curious to know more about what remote usability research can do, or can’t you wait to get started? We would happily discuss the possibilities with you. Contact the UX team or give us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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