User Experience training sessions

Learn more about the user experience of your website by following a training session at Netprofiler.

User Experience training sessions

Do you want to optimize the user experience on your website yourself? Netprofiler provides customized training programs to increase your knowledge.

Increase your knowledge with a user experience training. Do you want to take on user experience but simply don’t have the required knowledge yet? Then why not partake in a training by one of our experienced user experience consultants? The training always consists out of a combination of theory and hands-on work. Depending on your request we provide you with a customized training program at any location you want.

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What we offer you

Invest only once in a basic- or advanced training and you are ready to get to work! And, if so desired, with UX support from us.

Learn how you can use user experience and how you can contribute to the user-friendliness and conversion of your website during our training.

Aside from the UX training we also offer a more specific conversion optimization training. During this training you will learn which research methods you can use to improve the conversion of your website.

We have years of experience working for different types of companies (big/small, profit/non-profit). This allows us to know exactly what works and what doesn’t work in the area of user experience, also for your company!


Would you like to know more about our user experience training? Then contact the User Experience Team on 020 - 345 94 88 or by using the contact form.

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