UX training

Ready to get working on improving your user experience? Our experts are here to teach you all there is to know.

UX training

Are you looking to get started with user experience, but are you unsure on how and where to start? Then why not participate in one of our UX training sessions and become an user experience expert.

During our UX training sessions you get taught when and how you can best use your user experience. You learn how you can improve the user-friendliness – and conversion of your website by using user experience. Invest only once in a basic and / or advanced training session after which you can get working on UX yourself. If so desired we can offer you extra UX support.

What we offer you

Aside from a basic UX training we also offer an advanced training program. During this course you will learn more about how and when you can use user experience in order to increase your conversion – and user-friendliness of your website. We will make sure that the training is aligned with your needs and wants.

We have years of experience working for a variety of clients (big/small, profit/non-profit). This allows us to know exactly what works for user experience, and what doesn’t. Also for your company!

Upon completing the training you can immediately get started on user experience. Are you looking for extra support, then we are more than willing to provide that for you.


Are you ready to get started on User experience by following one of our training sessions? We gladly talk you through the possibilities. Contact the UX team or give us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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