User Experience Tools

Improve the user experience on your website by utilizing several tools.

User Experience Tools

Using the right tools gives you insight and helps you improve the user-friendliness and conversion focus on your website. We have been working with the most advanced feedback tools, eye tracking tools and test systems to gain the most optimal results.

‘Measuring is knowledge’. In order for a conversion optimization project to succeed it is import to combine several data sources. This includes data from website feedback toolsA/B testing tools and the tool Tobii, which we use to conduct our usability research with eye tracking. Based on the results these tools yield we compile specific conclusions and are able to optimize your website. This is an ongoing process of analyzing, writing hypotheses, testing, evaluating and adjusting.

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We deliver both the support and the tools. Are you already making use of our support service? Then you can use our user experience tools free of charge.

Our feedback tools Hotjar and Usabilla give you insight into the behavior of your target audience.

Test whether or not certain adjustments have the desired effect. We help you with this by using A/B testing, conducting multivariate analyses or Split URL testing. We do this by using the Visual Website Optimizer tool and Optimizely.

In order to gain insight into the behavior of your (potential) target audience on your website we use Tobii-software with eye tracking.


Do you want to know why and when to use experience tools? Then contact the User Experience Team on 020 - 345 94 88 or by using the contact form.

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