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The user-friendly tool Optimizely helps you with your conversion optimization by means of A/B testing. We know every inch of this tool and are ready to help you implement Optimizely.

Optimizely offers you an extensive amount of advanced options you can use to conduct an A/B test. This test is mainly suited for websites with a high amount of visitors. By conducting A/B tests you will no longer base your decisions on your feelings but on digital data. A/B testing also ensures that employees start to think in a more conversion focused way.

What we offer

A/B testing in Optimizely allows you to map the exact difference in impact of the adjustments you have made on your website. Based on a hypothesis you test if the adjustment leads to the desired improvement. The data will show you what the effect is.

Our consultants have years of experience with A/B testing in Optimizely. We have successfully completed the certification procedure and previous cases have shown that we are knowledgeable when it comes to A/B testing. We are ready to put our expertise to work for your website.

Aside from A/B testing, Optimizely also offers a personalization platform. We know all there is to know about this platform and can’t wait to help you become successful with personalization.


Want to know what Optimizely can do for your website? We would gladly discuss the opportunities with you. Contact us or give us a call on 020 - 345 94 88.

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