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How are your website visitors reading the pages? Using the Tobii tool with eye tracking research gives you insight into this. We gladly help you implement Toobii for your website.

Eye tracking research with the Tobii tool gives you insight into how your (potential) target audience views your website. The Tobii eye tracking software, which transmits an infrared signal, tracks the eye movement of the user. By conducting an eye tracking research you get to see which elements stand out on your website, and which don’t. You will also discover what the flow of the user’s viewing behavior is, and what the user does - and does not read.

What we offer

When conducting usability research on a desktop computer we always use Tobii advanced eye tracking software. Aside from usability research with eye tracking we also conduct separate eye tracking research.

How do your website visitors read the pages? By using Tobii eye tracing research software you get to see which elements are dominant on your website. You will also gain insight on which elements stand out, and which don’t. Aside from that you will also discover how the user views the page and which elements the user reads and which ones he doesn’t read.  Eye tracking research is interesting for online pages such as  landing pages, campaigns and e-mailings.

We have a lot of experience with usability research using the Tobii eye tracking software. We have been conducting eye tracking research in our laboratory since 2007. For those who are interested we have a viewing room available so you won’t miss a second of the research.


Would you like to conduct eye tracking research using the Tobii software? We are happy to discuss the possibilities to use it for your website or application. Contact the UX team or give us a call on 020 – 345 94 88.

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